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Graphic Design

The following are graphic design projects that have been completed by John Clark Web Development. I have the ability to create many more graphics outside of what I have done in the past, and can provide examples of what you need upon request!

Note: All Graphics on this page were created by me either for real life display or in Graphic Design class in college.


Diabetes Poster Project

Examples of posters that I have made for 2 very different occasions. The first is a public service poster for Diabetes encouraging people to be tested for diabetes before it causes harm. The second is a casual re-imaging of a cougar. The background was blackened out and blurred while the cougar was color boosted and altered. The poster was for casual print and hung on a wall. I can create a poster or advertisement/billboard for any occasion!


Custom Cycling Jerseys

These are 4 jerseys created by me. The left side is the front of the jersey and shorts, and the right side of each one is the back side of the jersey. These are meant to be used for cycling purposes, but could also be used for running. I also have experience designing T-shirts and can have you a design in which you take to be printed!


Custom Newsletter

Created an athletic newsletter for Thiel College Track & Field in the Spring of 2015. Designed the newsletter along with turning the photos into a comparable color scheme. Can take original articles that you already have or create articles for you based on content that you give me! I also have experience in writing newspaper articles. If you need to create a weekly/monthly newsletter to be handed out or displayed for your business, I offer a cheap option that you can take from me and get printed and into the hands of customers!


Drunken DJ Logo
West Branch Athletics Custom Logo

As you can see above, I have plenty of experience in graphic design for any social media platform. The top 2 photos in this section are profile pictures that are used. The slideshow scrolls through a variety of cover photos I designed for businesses and friends. Contact me today and have your profile looking better than ever!


Anniversary Photo Collage
Custom Photo Collage

I can create a photo collage of any kind! All you need to do is supply the photos and describe to me what you want. I will handle the rest. The above is an example of anniversary photo collages. Contact me today to create the perfect photo collage for you!


NASCAR 14 Custom Cover

The miscellaneous portion of this page shows graphics that I have done that are unique. Above is a video game cover redesign I did in Graphic Design class. No matter what graphic design request you may have, I can get the job done for you and make the graphics look excellent at the end!

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