Web Development

Jump Start

Need a website? Want to start fresh with a new site? My professional web site creation will get you an online presence in no time! Mobile friendly!

- Fully customization of a website. We will meet and go over what you want, and I will make it happen!

- Simply pay the development fee, and after that just pay monthly to have your site online!

- Option for eCommerce if you also wish to sell product online!


The whole package. Have your website created AND maintained WEEKLY! Never worry about your website being updated, I will do it for you!

- Complete customization. Send me updates to publish whenever you want and change anything!

- Just pay a monthly fee on top of the development fee. Monthly fee to have site online.

- Never worry about doing any of the online work, simply make a phone call or send an email and I make changes!

Social Media

Social Setup

Need to create Social Media pages? Let me do it for you! I will maintain them weekly for as long as you want!

- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

- Will create pages and establish an outreach of people around the area.

- Post weekly updates for you and send monthly statistics about your page(s).

- No limit on how many social media pages!

Social Star

Whether you already have a social media presence or want one, this is the ultimate package!

- Creation and/or operation of social media pages!

- DAILY posts/updates and WEEKLY reports sent to you!

- Simply pay a monthly fee and have all social media work done for you! You will still have access to post on your own.

- Marketing/Advertising to help you grow.


Flyer, Poster, Etc.

Hosting an event? Need an advertisement or menu change? This is the perfect package for you.

- One time creation of a flyer, advertisement, menu, or any other paper based item.

- Full customization or let me create a design for you!

- Creation of a variety of drafts and communication until I find the design you like! I will send you the finished product!

Logo, Rebrand

Ready to revamp your brand, or create a new logo? I can get your running in no time!

- Create a logo to be displayed on your website, flyers, or wherever you want!

- Custom made, you tell me what you want, I make it happen!

- Simply pay the design fee and have the rights of the logo released to you forever!