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The following are social media pages have been operated by John Clark Web Development.


Note: All Social Media on this page was either created or at one point operated by me.


Topaze Restaurant (Brooklyn, NY) -

Penn State Bank Button Society -

Wrestlezone -

Rock City Eats & Sweets (Detroit, MI) -

Wilhelm Winery (Hadley, PA) -



Hollywood Little Acres Tour

Created a video walk-through of Hollywood Little Acres to give viewers an opportunity to take a tour of the property before reserving a room. Students in the advertising class at Thiel College assisted in the development of the idea and narration.


I have used my social media marketing and advertising skills to expand my personal profiles. My Instagram account has grown to over 5000 followers and my Twitter account has over 3500 followers. Hashtags play an essential role in expanding your outreach and I have the experience to help your business grow!

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Hollywood Little Acres

Joined the administration team at Hollywood Little Acres to help expand the audience. Attracted a significant amount of higher viewers while also redesigning the page. Posts are now created on a regular basis and the interaction between customers is fluent. Photos are also uploaded on a regular basis as this social media page bonds perfectly with the website.

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